M.A. Human Services Counseling

B.S Health Science

Certified Holistic Life Coach

Fitness Nutrition Specialist

Welcome to my online home! I empower women who suffer from a distorted self-image, low self-confidence, and poor coping skills to regain their power by helping them realise and develop their strengths. My hope is that you are inspired and empowered after partnering with me. I will be blogging so make sure to join my blog community for inspiration and empowerment. My specialty is health and wellness. I've always had a love for the human body. Not only do I love the human body but I have significant compassion for humanity. One can call me a humanitarian. Why should you trust me with your wellness?  Firstly, I have the education and knowledge to guide you. Secondly, I am equipped with numerous life experiences that have pushed me to different levels of self awareness. Lastly, before I found balance I came with scars and emotional wounds just like you. My 8 years serving in the military has instilled in me discipline, courage, and self-control. These values have stuck with me in the civilian world, giving me an advantage when facing adversity. Also, being a wife and mother has taught me great patience and sacrifice. To learn more about my personal journey,please order a copy of my first book. 

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 I am a Certified Holistic life coach. Holistic simply means "holism" or being "whole". I am confident that I can help you to become more self aware, so that you can achieve your goals. Awareness is key. 


As a fitness nutrition specialist, with a background as a personal trainer, I have the knowledge necessary to help you lose weight effectively as well as teach you basic nutrition principals. I empower you through education that leads to action, resulting in fat loss.

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