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New Journal Release!

This is intended to be used as a 30 day journal. Take each day to answer the prompt. Do not rush through this process, but find 30 minutes of intentional quiet time so that you can be completely still. Grab your favorite pen and allow these thought provoking questions to take you on a deep dive within. 


After The Rain

Book Overview

This book is a follow up from my first book Dance In the Rain: Little black girl. So much has occurred since writing my first flash memoir that shared three experiences that pushed me beyond myself. I have experienced personal growth through self-reflection resulting in another level of self awareness. I’ve found that the more self awareness that one has the closer they are to self actualization. In other words they are closer to reaching their potential best self.

“I was so excited to sit down to finish reading such an inspiring book that expresses God's strength through our weaknesses, and adversities. But through it all the joy of the Lord became your strength through prayer and worship!! Through this book, may many (young and old) be transformed in the renewing of their minds and may the worshippers arise as we surrender it all to our King"

Alexa Young, CA

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