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"Coach Tesha has taught me that life is about balance and the key is to stay consistent. She helped me realize that I will make mistakes on this journey, but to keep going."

                        - Sabrina


"She's tough, but she pushes her clients and is truly a woman of God."


"I use to weigh 186lbs. I was so unhappy with my looks because my belly felt bloated and looked like

 I am 7 months pregnant. Every time I see an ad about weight loss programs I would really try it and buy all those weight loss pills.From south beach diet, garcinia, green tea, noom ect...not until I tried Ms. Tesha's 5 week weight loss challenge. At first it was a disaster. I felt like quitting because it was totally new to me and it was difficult. AFTER i weighed in for the first week I nearly screamed because I lost 10 lbs. And that was the start of my unbelievable quest. Not only did I lose pound after pound, it has taught me discipline and will power to finish the 5th week...Thanks to you Ms. Tesha! From 186 lbs to 152 lbs in 5 weeks ain't that incredible!"

- Gigi Redondo

"It was a time of self discipline and fun at the same time. My wife and I look better, feel better and our eating habits have changed. I want to encourage anyone who needs to lose weight for health reasons or just need to trim down some. Don't wait any longer get in touch with Coach Tesha and your life will be better. Remember you only get one body on this earth."

-Pastor Harris

I'm doing an online 5 week weightloss ch
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